Benefits of Participating in Shop and Dine 2019

Free Participation
Participation in the Shop and Dine Lake Forest Month Coupon Booklet is completely FREE!  There is no fee to participate, and you are provided with a great opportunity to promote your business to the local community.

Coupons are Effective
Coupons have the ability to attract new customers, re-activate previous customers, and build store traffic.  By structuring a deal that is effective for your business, you can attract customers without hurting your bottom line.  Read more on how to best structure your coupon offer.

Great Exposure
By participating in the Shop and Dine Lake Forest Month Coupon Booklet you are exposing your business to more than 86,000 Lake Forest residents.

Attract New Customers
Shop and Dine Lake Forest Month provides Lake Forest businesses with the opportunity to bring in new customers.  By offering an exciting coupon offer, your business will attract customers that might not have known about your business.

Show Your Lake Forest Spirit
By supporting Shop and Dine Lake Forest Month, your business joins an exclusive group of companies that demonstrate their support of the community and local economy.  By Shopping and Dining Lake Forest, we are able to keep tax dollars in the community, which helps fund public safety, street maintenance, community recreational programs, and so much more.

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